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Top Incoming Freshman 2020

Athlete: Hunter Gatti

Parents: Brooke & David Gatti

High school: Jordan High School

Position(s):  1B, OF, RHP

I have been lucky to be a Yard Dawg my whole competitive youth baseball career. I would first like to thank my teammates, all of whom could easily be nominated for and are deserving of this recognition. I’d like to thank the Yard Dawgs coaches: DJ George, Laren Nalder, Josh Atkinson, Dustin MacGillivray, Cam Jacobson, Matt Goins, Josh Thomas, Chad Maroney, and Trale Mathis. I’d also like to thank the little league coaches who made me love baseball: Mike Allred, Scott Boydston, Bryan Ellison, Amos Bright, Paul Beck, Greg Larson, and Scott Mortensen. My favorite baseball memory is winning the Triple Crown World Series in 12u with only 9 players. I’m very excited to play for Coach Fife at Jordan High School for the next four years. My college dream is to serve my country while playing baseball and completing a top notch education as a cadet at the Air Force Academy. My favorite thing to do outside of baseball is hangout with my friends and play basketball.

Athlete: Ryker Schow

Parents: Robert & Rebecca Schow

High School: Pleasant Grove High School

Postion: P,  INF, OF

Ryker played on the Clutch from 8u to 14u.  One of Rykers favorite memories was hitting a leadoff home run to start the game in the bottom of the first inning, then hitting a walkoff grand slam to end the game.  When Ryker is not playing baseball, you will find him playing basketball, or football.  Not only does Ryker like to compete physically, but he likes to excel in academics and is working hard to maintain his GPA goal.  He enjoys all sports and loves to compete!  

Athlete: Tyler Ball

Parents: Nick & Lisa Ball

High School: Skyridge High School

Position(s): SS, P, OF, 3B

I played for Lehi Baseball and Clutch Performance. My favorite baseball memory is throwing a six-inning perfect game with 12 strikeouts in Omaha, Nebraska. The college I most want to play for is Stanford University. When not playing baseball, I enjoy playing basketball, golfing, fishing, and traveling.

Athlete: Jackson Brousseau

Parents: Matt & Katie Brousseau

High School: Lehi High School

Position: P, C, 3B

Jackson is a 3 sport athlete and splits his time between baseball, football and basketball.  One of his favorite memories are when his 13u Clutch team traveled to the World Series in San Diego and won the tourney.  His hobbies revolve around a ball of some type - if he isn't playing baseball then he's shooting hoops or throwing the football around with his brother.   Jackson has been playing baseball since he could walk and cannot wait to play High School Baseball.

Athlete: Jacob Faust

 Parents: Robert & Cindy Faust

 High School: Olympus High School

 Position: 1B, 3B, OF, P

I played from 9u-14u with the Utah Devils.  My favorite memories were playing USA baseball, Hitting home runs against the Yard Dawgs and pitching in the 2019 P.G. Fall National championship game.

Athlete: Brexten Starley

Parents: Shane & Jodie Starley

High School:Hurricane High School

Positions: P,  C, 3B, 1B

I played with Summit from 10U to 12U, SBA from 12U to 14U. Have also played for NY Mets Scout Team, Mountain West Grays, Dykstra and Several other SLC teams. Last summer I had the great experience playing in the WWBA World Series in Florida with Dykstra Baseball 14U SoCal Team. I met kids from all over the country and was up against some of the best pitching I have ever seen. Coach Dykstra put me in to pitch against a nationally ranked team and I struck out 7 of 9 batters in 3 innings. Also, the NY Mets Scout Team was a great experience with several ex-Professional players and scouts coaching. My dream is to play at the University of Arizona. When I’m not playing sports I like to spend time with friends and family.

Athletes: Nolan Miller 

Parents: Ryan & Mandi Miller

High school:Salem Hills High School

Position(s): P, OF

The year I played 10U with the Utah Stealers, I realized baseball was my favorite sport. After that, I played with the Utah Utes and also 4 years with the Utah Owlz, where I learned a lot from coaches Kurt Coburn, Chris Gardner, and Matt Johnson. Currently, I play with MountainWest Baseball Academy (shout-out to coaches Kav & Murph). I have traveled across the country playing with the best teammates/friends (yes sir), and have enjoyed it all. One of my favorite memories was with the Owlz, when I pitched a complete game in the Tournament of Champions, where we battled it out and beat the #1 seed. Thankful for all my past teams and coaches that have taught me the game, also for: Troy Taylor, Jimmy Snook, Max Olsen, and Mark Pawelek. 

I love music (heavy metal rules) and in my spare time, I play guitar, make YouTube videos, and hang with my friends. After high school, I hope to play college ball and get a degree in Digital Media Production/Broadcasting.

Athlete: Jake Olsen

Parents: Max & Alison Olsen

High School: Lehi High School

Position(s):  SS

I played on Clutch from 8U to 14U where I found some of my best life long friends.  One of my favorite memories from my years with my team is winning the 13U Extreme Diamond Sports World Series in San Diego.  I’m hoping to play college baseball after high school and when I’m not playing playing sports I enjoy hunting, skiing, and spending time with my family and friends.  

Athlete: Boston Bingham

Parents:  Sommer & Morgan Bingham

High School: Lehi High School

Positions: C, P, 3B

Thanks to Baseball Utah for this recognition.  My favorite experience playing baseball so far, was playing in Cooperstown, New York. I was fortunate to play on the same team through youth baseball.  From 6-14 years old I played for Lehi Baseball, with some of my best friends that have helped me be who I am today. I also played for the club Mountain West Baseball during the summer. I would love to go to The University of Arizona, The University of North Carolina, or Vanderbilt University. When not on the baseball field, you can probably find me outdoors doing anything, doesn’t matter what it is. I enjoy being with family, friends, and listening to music. Special thanks to all the people in my life that have pushed me to be where I am today.  Also, thanks to Mallory McFarlane for keeping me healthy, and Stroformance for making me the best athlete I can be. A lot of work to do, but excited for the future.

Athlete: Billy Bird

Parents: Greg & Kami Su Bird

High School: Timpanogos High School

Position:  P, 1B

I played on the Clutch from 8U to 14U. I was able to guest play with other teams including Mountain West Baseball Academy and RA Baseball.  My favorite memory was when I hurt my arm and couldn’t use it,  my next at bat I hit a one handed double in Colorado against a good pitcher. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, ski, ride four wheelers, golf, swim, play basketball, practice baseball and watch movies. My dream is to play baseball at a D1 level and get a good education. 

Athlete: Cade Nalder

Parents: Laren & Hiloree Nalder

High School: Jordan High School

Positions: C, IN, OF

I have been very fortunate to be a Utah Yard Dawg since I was 8 years old and played with them all the way through my 14u season. I now play for Jordan High School, Mountain West Baseball Academy, and Team Utah.  Playing with top level teammates and coaches gave me a love for this game. I have made lifelong friends playing baseball, there are too many to name, but they know who they are! One of my favorite baseball memories is winning the Triple Crown Slump Buster in Omaha, two separate times (TCS Originals | 10u Chino Hills Thunder scroll to minute 13:50).  I would like to thank my Coaches, Mike Allred, DJ George, Cameron Jacobsen, Matt Goins, Chad Maroney, Josh Atkinson, Trale Mathis, Chad Fife, Logan McGregor, Kav Keys, Murph Norris, Keith Chatelin, David Piersol, Adam Kershaw and especially my dad Laren Nalder.  My baseball goals are to help my High School win a State Championship and to play D1 college baseball. When I'm not playing baseball I enjoy playing basketball with friends as well as snow skiing, wakeboarding, fishing and lifting weights.  

Athlete: Kobe Carter

Parents: Mike & Amy Carter

High School: Spanish Fork High School

Positions: 3B, 1B, P

I played with the Utah Utes from 8u-10u and then the Utah Devils/El Monte Dukes 11u-14u.  Baseball has allowed me to travel to many states and compete against some of the top talent in the country while building great friendships. One of my favorite experiences was going to Cooperstown and hitting 11 hr’s and helping my team win the tournament.  My dream is to go to school and play at UCLA. When I am not playing sports  I like to go fishing with my grandpa,  bowling with my friends and shoe shopping with my dad.