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Top Incoming Freshman 2022

Athlete: Cal Miller

 Parents: Michael and Susie Miller

 High School: Viewmont

 Position: C, 3B, P

I have been blessed to play for great teams, teammates, and coaches. I played on the Salt Lake Heat, Utah Marshalls, and Mountain West Baseball Academy under Brett McDermaid and Bill Reiser, Sam Swenson and Brennon Mascaro, and Murph Norris, Brandon Lyon, and Kav Keyes. Last September, I was selected for the USA Baseball 15U National Team. While COVID made international play impossible, competing with my team USA teammates with “USA” written across my chest will always be my top honor. A favorite on-field memory is hitting a walk-off 3 run HR to put the Marshalls into the final 4 at Cooperstown. My goal is to make it to The League. When I’m not on the baseball field, I like to play football, basketball, and hang with friends and family.

Athlete:  Austin Park

Parents: Josh & Diana Park

High School: Juab High School

Postion: SS, OF, P, 3B

I played for Utah Owlz, Mavericks, UCBA Barons, & Mountain West Academy. A huge thank you to Coach Jeremy Thomas with the Barons. My favorite memories include playing at Cooperstown and playing hundreds of baseball games with my teammates over the years. My goals include winning a high school state championship in multiple sports and playing division 1 baseball. When not playing baseball, I love competing in football and basketball.

Athlete: Talon Cloward

Parents: Casey and Amberlee Cloward

High School: Salem Hills High School

Position(s):  SS, 2nd

I played for the Utah Hitmen 7u-14u and now with the Mountain West Baseball Academy.  My favorite memory was winning the Golden Arm Competition at Cooperstown Dreams Park in 2019.  In little league baseball, I loved playing the game with my friends and teammates while also winning several tournaments.  In July of 2020, I experienced a traumatic event that taught me a lot about myself.  During the final scheduled tournament of my 13u season, I slid into second base and caught my right cleat causing a spiral fracture to my tibia.  I now have a titanium plate and 8 screws in my leg.  During this process, many supporters including Baseball Utah, opposing teammates, and friends helped me throughout the recovery. There are many colleges I would like to attend, but my main goal is to play Division 1 baseball. When I’m not playing baseball, you can find me working out, hanging out with friends, bowling, and doing any water sports. 

Athlete: Andrew Wilson

Parents: Bryan and Rachel Wilson

High Desert Hills

Position: C, 3rd, 2nd

I played for Thunder, Titans, Rake, Trappers and Mountain West. I appreciate the great coaches that have coached me up over the last few years and especially my parents for providing me the opportunities to play ball. I look forward to playing for Coach Cave with Desert Hills. One of my favorite memories from youth baseball was playing in Cooperstown. I hope to play D1 baseball and when I’m not playing baseball I like to hang out with my family, go bass fishing with my Dad, and anything outdoors.

Athlete: Sawyer Leifson

Parents: Shane and Taralei Leifson

High school: Maple Mountain

Position(s):  SS, 3B, RHP

I have played baseball since I was 7 years old with the Utah Hitmen. I also play with Mountain West Baseball Academy. Some of my favorite moments are playing in Cooperstown with the Utah Hitmen and being able to go to both Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. I have also really enjoyed going to Phoenix with MBA and being able to play some of the best teams from all over the country. In addition to baseball I also love football, basketball and volleyball.  I enjoy the outdoors and love to hunt, fish and camp with my family and friends. I have dreamed of playing D1 baseball since I was a kid. This game has given me so much, including friends from around the state, amazing coaches, and valuable life lessons. Big thanks to Baseball Utah for the recognition. 

Athlete: Trey Mitchell

Parents: Clint & Abbie Mitchell

High School: Salem Hills 

Positions: 3B, P, 1B

I played w/ the Salem Kings from 8u-10u, Utah Owlz from 10u and 11u, UCBA Barons Navy under (Coach JT) Jeremy Thomas, and then Mountain West Baseball Academy. In 2018 my Grandpa Bob passed away a few days before Firecracker. I hit a 2 out, game winning GrandSlam to put us in the Ship, it was a special moment for me. Probably my favorite part of travel ball has been making friendships from all over. I spent 2 weeks in Cooperstown and that was pretty fun baseball. Thanks to JT and all the great coaches that took time to help me learn the game. I'd love to play in Omaha one day in the CWS, I love the vibe of College baseball! When I'm not playing Baseball and Football, I want to be in the Mountains hunting or camping. I love big Mule deer! I could live in the mountains.

Athletes: Blake Brotherson

Parents: Dave & Jen Brotherson

High school: Orem High

Position(s): P, 1B, OF

I started playing baseball when I was 7 years old. I have loved baseball as long as I can remember. One of my highlights as a 12-year-old was going to Cooperstown New York and hitting 7 home runs.  I have played for the Hitmen the last 2 years as well as the Mountain West Baseball Academy. I have always had great coaches and I am grateful for the time they have spent coaching me through the years. I look forward to playing high school baseball with the Orem Tigers and have a goal to play college baseball. When I am not playing baseball, I enjoy being outdoors and hanging out with friends.

Athlete: Chase Johnston

Parents: Doug & Brooke Johnston

High School: Maple Mountain

Position(s):  P, 1B

I played for the Utah Owlz from 9u-10u. I played for the UCBA Barons from 11u-14u. In addition to high school baseball, I play for Mountainwest Baseball Academy.  I’ve had amazing coaches over the years and I want to thank my coach Jeremy Thomas and my dad for helping me get to where I am now.  One of my favorite memories was playing on Rickwood Field in Alabama, the oldest ballpark in America and original home of the Birmingham Black Barons.  Other favorite memories include when we won the 12u Tournament of Champions after playing 27 innings on championship day and being selected to the Top Prospects Team for Triple Crown. In the future I want to play college baseball.  Some of my hobbies outside of baseball are basketball, mountain biking, and fishing. 

Athlete: Ethan Iacono

Parents:  Jarom & Jessie Iacono

High School: Mountain Ridge High 

Positions: P, OF, SS

I’ve been fortunate to play for the Utah Marshalls, UCBA Barons and Elite. I currently play for Mountain West Baseball Academy. My best memory was my last year playing with the Elite, most of my teammates I’d known and played with since 8U (Brothers for life) I’m grateful for the many coaches I’ve played for and all the time they have spent working with me and my family for their support and shared love for the game. I would love to play D1 Baseball at BYU, Ole Miss or Vanderbilt. When I’m not on the field you can find me snowboarding, boating/surfing and spending time with family and friends.

Athlete:  Beau Wall

Parents: Ross & Eliza Wall

High School: Desert Hills

Position:  C, OF, 3B

I played for Skorpions, SBA, Utah Rake, Trappers & Mountain West and appreciate all the coaches I've had in the past. I have plenty of great memories and some baseball success; but what sticks out to me the most is going to the field every day after school with my Pops and younger brother Roah to work on switch-hitting, ground balls and pitching.  From a very young age I was taught to work hard for what I want, and I want to be a great baseball player.  I feel blessed to be able to play a game that I love.  I intend to be a D1 athlete.

Athlete: Miles Layton

Parents: Emily & Rand Layton

High School: Brighton High

Positions: P, 1B

I played on the Brighton Braves from 8U to 12U and on the MBA Grays for 13U and 14U.  My favorite memory was pitching in the championship game in Cooperstown and being with my teammates when we won it all.  My dream is to play D1 baseball, hopefully somewhere close enough to have my family continue to watch me play.  When I'm not playing baseball, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and faith.  I am grateful to all my coaches who have dedicated so much time in helping me become a better player and person.    

Athlete: Riley Brown

Parents: Ryan and Chantelle Brown

High School: Brighton High

Positions: 3B, RHP, OF

Growing up I played on the Brighton Braves, then MBA Braves/Grays and the Mountain West Baseball Academy. I wouldn’t be the player I am today without the coaches I’ve had. I’d like to thank coach Donnie Saba and all my other coaches for not only helping me develop as a player but for the impact they had on me as a person. My favorite memories along the way have been winning Cooperstown, participating in the 14u USA develops program and being chosen to go to the 15u USA baseball trials. I would love to continue my baseball career at a D1 school such as UCLA, USC or the University of Utah.  If I’m not playing baseball you will find me playing basketball for Brighton High, snowmobiling, surfing or hanging out with friends and family.

Athlete: CJ Mascaro

Parents: Brennon and Charlee Mascaro

High School: American Fork High 

Positions: OF, LHP

I played for the Utah Marshalls from 7U to 14U, now I play with Mountain West Baseball Academy. I really appreciate all the great coaches and people that have helped me so far on my journey. They are Sam Swenson, Mike Goff, Jared Jenkins, Murph Norris, Kavin Keyes, my dad, and many others. I’m extremely excited to play for Jarod Ingersoll and the coaches at American Fork High School. My favorite memories playing youth baseball have been going to battle,  and winning many tournaments with my teammates! I have met some great coaches on the way and can’t wait to play at the next level. 

Athlete: RJ Wilson

Parents: Steve and Tracy Wilson

High School: Pleasant Grove high

Positions: SS, P

I would like to thank Baseball Utah for this Honor and Recognition.  After moving to Utah from Florida at the age of 8, I started playing with the PC Miners and then with the UCBA Barons and Mountain West. Some things that I am most proud of are competing and winning The Triple crown world series base running competition, a Florida State Championship and a Utah State Championship, playing Perfect Game events across the Country including pitching a shutout at the East Cobb tournament and being named to several Perfect Game all hitting and all pitching 2020 I was named MVP at the Baseball Youth Nationals at the Disney Wide World of Sports Complex.  Recently playing and winning the American Legion State title with my team from Pleasant Grove and received Offensive MVP for the tournament. I begin my HS career this Spring with Coach Darrin Henry and will work hard to help bring the Vikings another State Championship. I’m presently a straight A student and my goals include playing at the Division 1 level. I play 7v7 football with Alpha Recruits, love to ski and play golf.

Athlete: Jace Fillmore

Parents: Ryan & Brandy Fillmore

High School: Desert Hills High 

Positions: SS, P

I started playing travel baseball as a Scorpion for Coach Tate when I was 6 years old. Since then I have played for multiple teams such as SBA, Rake, Trappers, Mountain West, and now I am excited to be working with the Desert Hills baseball program. I have so much respect and love towards all of my coaches. I want to thank Tate Cleverly, Jesse Shipp, Brandon Lyon, Kavin Keys, and Brandon Turley. I wouldn't be where I am today without these guys. But my main supporter and always will be my favorite coach, my dad. He has been there for me through all the ups and downs, all the hard life lessons, and always willing to go the extra mile to make me a better baseball player. I have so many favorite moments on the baseball field, but these are my top two. The first was when Rake was playing in the Championship game against the Dixie Titans. I had 9K’s, 3/ 4, with 3 Home runs and of course we won the game. My second favorite travel ball moment was when the Trappers won the 14U Majors Super NIT Spring Championship in Arizona. I hit a game tying double and my teammate Andrew Lyon knocked me in. We took the lead then closed the game out with a double play to win. When I am off of the baseball field I love to Wake Surf, playing basketball, and golf with my dad and brother.

Athlete: Jack Saba

Parents: Donnie and Richelle Saba

High School: Brighton High 

Position: SS

I want to thank Baseball Utah for this honor and recognition. Growing up I played for the Brighton Braves which became the MBA Utah Braves/Grays and now I play for the Mountain West Baseball Academy. I want to thank all the great coaches, family members and friends that helped make me the player and person that I am today. I want to thank my dad Donnie, Joseph Johanson, Nate Fry, and Rand Layton who coached the Braves for so many years. I also want to thank my coaches at the baseball academy, Murph Norris and Kavin Keyes. I'm excited to play for Mark Kleven and the coaches at Brighton High School. My favorite baseball memory was hitting two homeruns in the Cooperstown Dreams Park Championship game and celebrating with my teammates and family after winning it all. My college dream recently came true when I was offered a scholarship to play baseball at BYU. I can’t wait to play for the incredible coaching staff at BYU and compete in the BIG12 conference. My long-term goal is to play professional baseball. When I'm not on the baseball field you will find me playing basketball for Brighton High or hanging with my friends and family. 


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