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Top Incoming Freshman 2023

Athlete: Talan Hansen

 Parents: Clint and Kirsten Hansen

 High School: Snow Canyon High School

 Position: LHP, OF

I played for the SC Warriors 8U-14U, CBA Summit, Lumberkings and Mountain West Baseball Academy. I really appreciate all of the coaches that have helped me improve throughout the years, some of them are Cam Kelsch, Ian Ross, Brandon Ence, Ben Randall, Frank Pezely, Brandon Lyon and Murph Norris. My favorite baseball memory was pitching in the Baseball Utah championship game against the Lumberkings.  Besides baseball I enjoy playing football and spending time with my friends/family. I would love to play baseball at ASU, BYU or Oregon State. 

Athlete:  Cooper Clark

Parents: Ryan & Stephanie Clark

High School: Ridgeline High School

Postion: OF, RHP

I have played for the Cache Valley Wolverines since I was 8 years old. My best memory as a Wolverine was when we competed in The Cedar Point Tournament in Sandusky Ohio. We had the opportunity to play teams from all over the country. We won some games and lost some games. I hit 5 home runs that week, contributing to the 25 HR’s I had that season, but the best part about the trip were the memories that I made with my team. I am grateful for my team and coaches, especially Jed Jensen, I would not be where I am today in baseball without them. My goal is to play baseball for as long as possible. I am looking forward to playing for Justin Jensen and the rest of the coaching staff at Ridgeline High School. Thanks Baseball Utah for the recognition. 

Athlete: Dawson Brown

Parents: Scott & Stephanie Brown

High School: Lehi High School

Position(s):  MI, CF, P

I played on the Clutch from 7U to 11U, Dirtbags 12U, Naturals 13U to 14U, Mountain West for High School.  I had great coaching and a big thanks to Greg Williams, Stew Rutter, Justin Robinson, Frank Pezely, Kav Keyes and Murph Norris.  I am excited to play at Lehi High School with Coach Ingersoll and Coach Madsen.  My best memory of Super League was playing in a tournament and it was our last at bat, with 2 outs, down 3, bases loaded, I hit a grand slam to win the game.  I am working towards playing D1 baseball.  When I am not playing baseball I like to surf, ski, basketball, football and motorcycles.  

Athlete: McKade Ortiz

Parents: John & Mindy Ortiz

School: Riverton High School

Position: SS, P

I grew up playing baseball for the Lumberkings from 7U-14U and am currently playing with Mountain West Baseball Academy. My favorite memories of baseball were playing in the Slumpbuster in Omaha and beating SmarTense in the PG World Series in Florida. They were the number 4 ranked team in the country at the time. I have met some of my best friends thru my time playing baseball. I want to thank all of my coaches, family members and friends that have helped me become the player I have become. I want to thank my Dad John, Franco Pezely, John Buck, Murph Norris and Kavin Keyes. I am excited to play for Jay Applegate and and the coaches at Riverton High School. I would love to go play baseball at a D1 school like ASU or Ole Miss. My dream is to play baseball in the MLB. When I’m not playing baseball, I like to play golf and also going snowboarding. 

Athlete: Mason Hawk Henry

Parents: Darrin and Joy Henry

High school: Pleasant Grove High School

Position(s):  1B, P, OF

I want to say thank you to Baseball Utah for this nice honor and recognition.  I have enjoyed playing with several teams including Viking Select, Barons, CBA and USA Elite.   One of my best memories is pitching  for CBA against the number 1 nationally ranked 16u team in Florida where I threw three scoreless innings to get the win.   I would like to thank my coaches for the countless hours they have spent with me.  Nick Gaggero, Jeremy Thomas, Jaron Poulson, Joe Spiers, Josh Brady and my dad , Darrin Henry.   I love being around my family and friends along with lifting weights and being around the game I love.   I also love following my brother Payton and learning from him. 

Athlete: Austin Smith

Parents: Dan & Julie Smith

High School: Crimson Cliffs High School

Positions: C, 3B, P

I played for the Roadrunners 7U-14U, CBA 13U-14U and am currently playing for CBA.  I want to thank my coaches for their time and the lessons they've taught me.  I am especially thankful for my dad and older brothers, Treydan and Brecken, who have spent countless hours with me at the field, in the cage, and at the gym.  I have a lot of  favorite memories on the baseball field and have been lucky to play with great friends, many of whom I have played with since 7U.  I am looking forward to playing with the Mustangs at Crimson Cliffs High School and hope to be able to play baseball in college.  When I'm not playing baseball I love to spend time outdoors or at a ball game with my family, work out, fish, hunt, and golf. 

Athlete: Bode Gaggero

Parents: Nick and Stacy Gaggero

High school: American Fork High School

Position(s): SS, IF

I played for the Viking Select from 7U until 12U and played on the Naturals for 2 years , now I play with Mountain West Baseball Academy. I really appreciate all the great coaches that have helped me along the way.  I have learned so much from people like Murph Norris, Kav Keyes, Troy Nordick and my dad. I’m extremely excited to play for Coach Ingersoll and his staff, along with so many great teammates at American Fork . I have a great opportunity to learn from some of the best players.  My favorite memories playing youth baseball have been going to Branson, Missouri and having a blast with my teammates and winning the WWBA championships in Arizona last year.   Besides baseball, I love being in the mountains and skiing all over the country.  It would be a dream to go to Oregon State University.

Athlete: Canyon Clegg

Parents: Derek & Ryan Clegg

High School: Timpanogos High School

Position(s):  P, 3B

I played for the Utah Vikings for 7 years, had an amazing coach, Lafe Blackhurst who was there from the beginning. He along with other coaches who I have played for over the years have helped fuel my love for baseball. I will be going to Timpanogos High School and I am excited to continue learning from my coaches and teammates at school this year. I have recently had the privilege to play with Mountain West Baseball Academy and Playing for Kamu, which I look forward to continuing this summer. One of my favorite baseball memories was winning a tournament at the Scrapyard in Texas with the Utah Vikings.  Other highlights for me was throwing an immaculate inning in Mesquite and a no hitter while playing with Playing for Kamu in St. George. Baseball has been a blast, I’m grateful for all my coaches and family for their love and support.  

Athlete: Gehrig Orchard

Parents:  Dave & Michelle Orchard

High School: Provo High School

Positions: P, SS

Thank you Baseball Utah for this recognition.  I played with the Black Sox (9u-11u), Smash (12u), Vikings (13u-14u), & RA Academy. I would like to thank all of my coaches who taught me so much & shared their love for baseball. Black Sox- Jake Chrisman, Hank Heriford & Adam Hawkes. Smash- Val Winward. Vikings- Lafe Blackhurst, Damian Sapp & my dad.  One of my best baseball memories was playing in the Youth World Series Tournament in Houston TX, hitting a home run in the championship game & winning the tournament. I am grateful for the memories & friendships made through baseball. I am looking forward to this next year of baseball at Provo High.

Athlete:  Titan Mozingo

Parents: Trev & Carly Mozingo

High School: Riverton High School

Position:  C, SS

Thank you Baseball Utah for this recognition!  I am so grateful for my Coaches - they have sacrificed so much of their time and effort to help me learn, grow and fall in love with this amazing game.  I have learned to embrace all of the life lessons baseball teaches me, both successes and failures.  I absolutely love this game!  I played 5 years for the Utah Grays, coached by a baseball genius - Mike Goff.  I played this last season with Mountain West and Trosky National. I have hundreds of great memories playing baseball but at 12U, unofficially winning the Semi-finals in Cooperstown and at 13U, officially winning the Championship in Omaha.  I will re-live those two games forever.  The greatest part of this game, are the really good friends you pick up along the way - bros for life!  I am very excited to play at Riverton. I dream of playing College baseball. When I am not playing baseball, I wrestle and I hunt.  

Athlete: Cayman Sanchez

Parents: Carlo and Nikki Sanchez

High School: Olympus High School

Positions: SS, P, C

I played with several teams growing up – Olympus Titans, Kaysville Rhinos/PCH, MBA Grays, Brighton Braves, Mountain West, and LumberKings.  All of these teams had great coaches and I wouldn’t be the player I am without these coaches and diversity that each team offered.  I’d especially like to thank Donnie Saba, Ryan Ossmen, Travis Weaver, Laren Nalder, my brother Corbin, and most of all, my Dad.  They have all been an inspiration in my life and I can’t thank them enough for how much they have helped me grow.  My favorite memory was winning Cooperstown Dreams Park Championship with the Brighton Braves and pitching in the Championship game with 7 K’s in three innings.  That was so awesome and best of all the game was on my 12thbirthday and was my lifelong dream to play in that game.  The next best memories were beating Smartense in the 13u PG World Series in Florida and they were the #4 ranked team in the nation and then for getting selected twice to participate the in the 11u & 12u USA Baseball NTIS series.  I love playing with my teammates on the Trosky National 2026 travel team and excited to add depth on the Olympus HS Titans team coached by the legend Corland Felts.  He is such a Great coach and Mentor.  My Dreams are to play College baseball at either Vanderbilt or LSU and to play Pro-ball on the same team with my brother someday.  In the off season I enjoy skiing, dirt biking, boating, fishing, pheasant hunting and anything to do with baseball.


Athlete: Austin Hicks

Parents: Kristy Hicks & Preston Hicks

High School: Salem Hills High School

Positions: SS, RHP

I started playing baseball when I was 7 yrs old with the Utah Hitmen. I played with them until 2017. We won several tournaments, and I loved getting to know and play with these boys and my coaches! Fall of 2017 I switched teams to the Utah Red Sox. We also won several tournaments, and I loved getting to know my new teammates and coaches. I am very thankful for all the coaches I’ve had for helping me become a better person and baseball player! I have made many lifelong friends in baseball! One of my favorite things has been playing in and traveling to all the different tournaments with my teammates over the years. My goal is to work hard and play Division 1 baseball. When I’m not playing baseball, I love playing basketball, snowboarding, and hanging out with my friends. A big thank you to Baseball Utah for the recognition.


Athlete: Bowen Barnes

Parents: Randy & Shea Barnes

High School: Lone Peak High School

Positions: OF, 3B, P

I played on the Utah Boom from 8U-12U and the Salt Lake Lumberkings from 13U-14U. I am currently playing for RA Baseball Academy. I am very grateful and appreciative of all the coaches that have helped me improve my game and helped me on my baseball journey. One of my favorite memories from youth baseball was when I pitched against Smartense select in the Perfect Game World Series and won! Another favorite memory is when I hit a homerun over Lehi Main St. in a cow pasture(12U). My dream is to play D1 baseball. When I am not on the field, I love to play, write and listen to music on my guitar with my grandma, grandpa and my dad. I also play the bass, mandolin, piano and ukulele. I love to workout. I like hunting, fishing and camping. I love to watch sports and watch my sister play fastpitch softball. I love spending time with my mom and dad. They have both helped me through good times and bad. They have helped me become the good person that I strive to be.

Athlete: Ryder Robinson

Parents: Mike & Jessica Robinson

High School: Salem Hills High School

Positions: SS, P, 3B, C, OF

I started out playing baseball for the Surge & Kings 7u & 8u. After that, I had the opportunity to play with the Utah County Red Sox from 9u-14u. Last summer, I played with the Sox on a tournament team. One of my favorite memories was playing in the championship game of the Tournament of Champions. We had a really rough first day, but we came up in the losers bracket, fighting hard to earn our spot in that championship game. I loved getting to travel and play in some great tournaments and even winning some along the way. I also played on a lot of recreation teams for Salem City. This gave me experience in a variety of positions and I had a lot of fun playing with all my friends. I hope to play D1 college ball one day. When I'm not on the field, I like hanging out with friends, working out, being outdoors and spending time with my family. I want to thank all the coaches I've had along the way. They've all taught me how to be a better player and a better person, I will always remember them.

Athlete: Guss Johnson

Parents: Mark & Allison Johnson

High School: Salem Hills High School

Positions: CF, 1B, P

I played With Creek Baseball in AZ for 8u-9u. Moving to Utah I joined Brett Sundberg and the Boom 10u-12u and then Brad Hales and the Utah Red Sox 13u-14u. The experiences shared with my teammates and coaches from AZ to Omaha are memories that I will never forget. My favorite memory was hitting for the cycle while dealing with stomach bug (sorry for vomiting on your field Matt). When not playing baseball I enjoy playing football, fly fishing, and hunting. My dream is to continue playing baseball or football in college. I want to thank all of my coaches and those who have influenced me along the way. 

Athlete: Ryker Taylor

Parents: Dustin and Brooke Taylor

School: Desert Hills High School

Position: SS, P, 2B

I played for SBA my 10U year, CBA 11U-14U years & continue to play with CBA.  I want to thank my coaches for helping me on my baseball journey, especially Marc Nielsen and Jud Tolman.  I am looking forward to playing for Coach Cave at Desert Hills High school. My favorite memory with my team was being able to pitch & help win the USSSA World Series Championship game my 13U year.  When not playing baseball I enjoy spending my time in the outdoors with my friends & family camping, and riding dirt bikes. 
Thank you Baseball Utah for this honor.

Athlete: Nate Dahle

Parents: Mike & Cari Dahle

High School: Ridgeline High School 

Position: P, OF

I played for the Cache Wolverines from age 7 through 14U.  Thanks to all of my coaches who have spent countless hours helping me develop as a player, these include Jed Jensen, Dustin Smith, Kolby Rowser, and Ryan Clark.  My favorite baseball memories are the many tournaments we went to, especially the boys only trips to St. George. I will continue my career at Ridgeline High School. My goal is to continue playing baseball and/or football after high school, hopefully at the D1 level.  Thanks to Baseball Utah for the recognition.  


Honorable Mention:

  1. Ayden Thurgood - Riverton High School
  2. Landon Fry - Lone Peak High School
  3. Kash Wallin - Riverton High School
  4. Rocky Downs - Riverton High School
  5. Nolan Pezely - Riverton High School
  6. Easton Hammond - Ridgeline High School
  7. Kaleb Weaver - Davis High School
  8. Isaac Anderson - Layton High School
  9. Kai Wesley - Orem High School
  10. Braxton Pickett - Gunnison High School